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Furnished Apartments

Fully-furnished with complete kitchens, recreating the comforts of home while acting as a cost-effective option

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At Corporate Stays, it’s not only about providing quality housing options it’s about the entire guest experience. Need help with your everyday needs? Customizable grocery services are available to stock the kitchen for your arrival or shop throughout your stay, as is a full housekeeping service.

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 Corporate Stays creates personalized housing solutions with its full-service apartments in prime locations around the world.

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The attractive location, the wonderful service, and the competitive prices make for a perfect combination. We enjoyed our stay immensely and ended up extending our stay to 6 months.

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All of our accommodations are in central locations. Our apartments come fully-furnished with complete kitchens; recreating the comforts of home while acting as a cost-effective option.


Noman Nadeem 

Award Winning IT Manager

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Traveling the world and working in another city/ country can be very stressful and you have all helped ease the transition. Your team is extremely friendly and understands the needs of the corporate traveler.

Irene Tremblay

Relocation Specialist

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